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Somerset Place offers residents with the best features composed of amenities and facilities that will let you feel as if you’re in a resort everyday! This residential gated community offers different relaxing and recreation features to promote the quality of life of the residents. 

Living at the Somerset Place, you will be able to make exclusive use of different lifestyle features that will make you appreciate the residences even more! 

Choosing this place, residents can exclusively use the clubhouse at the residences. It is a spacious venue meant to promote the camaraderie and long lasting bonds among neighbors. This is a perfect feature that can also help neighbors get to know each other during events, special occasions and community gatherings. The residences also have its main entrance gate and perimeter fence, which improve the safety and security of the neighborhood.  A security system in place is one of the essentials to look for when buying a new home.

There is also a swimming pool at the Somerset Place! It is a recreation amenity that will make you feel as if you’re on a holiday. With it, you can swim, soak and dip anytime and make use of the exclusive pool available for the residents of the neighborhood.  

The swimming pool is well designed and created to offer the residents with the recreation they’re looking for when living in the city. With the pool, parents can also teach their kids how to swim as well as help them improve their health.

The Somerset Place also features its basketball court that allows you to play hoops or basketball anytime of the day/night. You can play basketball, hold tournaments or teach your kids how to play the game.  

Playing basketball, you will also improve your health and wellness because you can always have the chance to sweat out and improve your cardio and lung health.  The basketball court also offers the residents with a convenient way of playing their favorite game. 

For the aesthetic features, the residences also have its pocket gardens and landscaped open spaces. These are relaxing to look at especially that they are able to complement the entire modern residential community. 

There are also wide concrete roads in the residential project, giving the residents the convenience they need when moving around or driving.  For a flood-free environment, Duraville also master planned the community with its underground drainage system, which helps prevent flooding.  

Also, the Somerset Place has an electrical system and provisions for metered connections, including internet, water and CATV. The place also has is centralized water system, providing residents with ample water supply for their daily needs. 

Without even saying, the developer has made sure that the housing project will be able to deliver everything that a modern city dweller needs. If you want to invest in a house and lot for sale in Pasig City, Somerset Place is a promising choice that will give you peace of mind. It has the standard features, leisure amenities and important facilities that can provide you and your loved ones with the comfortable lifestyle that they deserve.

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